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Resting in stillness and shining the light of awareness, you will find that the whole world is ready to teach you.

From Passion to Profit

Saturday 24 February 10.30am-2.30pm

Live Online

Are you a female Yoga teacher, counsellor, or health therapist?

Do you struggle with confidence levels and self belief?

Would you like support to consider expanding your business?

Predominantly for qualified Yoga teachers (minimum 200 hours YTT), this workshop is open to any self employed woman who practices Yoga and works within a therapeutic field or within complementary medicine.

During the day, we will employ a combination of Yoga practice, journalling and discussion to look at our view of ourselves as professional working women and the whole business of making money. We will explore the impact of the overall devaluation of women within society and how that may play out in the way we see ourselves and influence our inner dialogue and confidence levels.   We will discuss how confidence (or lack of) can impact our thinking around fee setting and our ability to grow our business.   

We will use our Yoga practice to build confidence and self belief and see how making money does not have to sit at odds with serving others or with any spiritual beliefs we may hold.  We will explore how how we can stay true to ourselves and simultaneously earn a living.  We will see how it is possible to combine Passion with Profit in the service of all.  

For any members of Yoga Alliance Professionals, this event grants 4 CPD hours and provides an opportunity to benefit from a FREE mentoring session with me to review your intentions and progress.

Cost for the day including FREE mentor session is £65.

Booking policies can be found here.



Learn how to effectively maintain safety and run trauma informed practices in your Yoga classes and one to one Yoga sessions. The workshop will include the application of Polyvagal theory in Yoga sequencing to enhance resilience in the nervous system, how to maintain healthy boundaries with students, how to contract with individual clients and how to prevent burnout.


An 8 week course focused on the model of the chakras, the subtle body and the energetic field. Each week will allow time for education, reflection and creative writing to enhance awareness of self and learn how to apply the chakra model to enrich our own Yoga teaching practice.

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