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Training and Mentoring

Resting in stillness and shining the light of awareness, you will find that the whole world is ready to teach you.

Mentoring Services for Yoga teachers and other professionals

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of the sacred science of Yoga and supporting trainee and qualified Yoga teachers in their career. The process of mentoring helps you to listen to the song of your heart and follow your Dharma. We each have unique gifts to share with the world and Yoga teaching has vast and infinite opportunities to let your light shine. I believe a good mentor attends not just to your professional needs but nurtures and encourages you on a physical, psychological and spiritual plane. I will provide you with support, encouragement and resources to help you build confidence, expand your practice and help you serve your students to your highest potential. 

As a newly qualified Yoga teacher, starting out on your teaching career can be quite daunting. Many Yoga teachers who have completed a 200 hour course lack the confidence to go into the classroom and share their knowledge and gifts. I can help you take these first few steps, build your confidence and guide you through the initial stages of setting up as a teacher.

After teaching for a while, you may find that your teaching begins to feel a bit repetitive or even stale. Focusing on continuing professional development helps but sometimes it is useful to have some guidance or coaching on where you are and where you wish to develop. Yoga is now practiced in so many different arenas including hospitals, prisons and schools. As a Yoga therapist I can guide you on how to make contact with the relevant areas of work you wish to go into and help you present your work in a way that will increase your chances of manifesting your dreams.

Aside from working with those who teach Yoga, I also mentor anyone who works in the field of human relationships, for example coaches, psychologists and mental health workers.

I work collaboratively with my mentees, tailoring offerings to suit your individual needs. As well as holding a supportive space for discussion and guidance a mentoring session may include:

  • meditation and Yoga Nidra to tune in to your own inner wisdom
  • practices to self actualise and enhance confidence
  • visualizations to generate inspiration and resilience
  • Yoga philosophy to guide you on your path

Fees vary depending on your needs. To arrange a free 20 minute zoom or phone call click here

Reflective Group Practice

Running any organisation is extremely hard work at times requiring exhaustive amounts of time and energy. So much so, that being able to turn inwards and reflect on the progress and process of your unique business can easily get lost or slip by the wayside. That is why I offer reflective group practice on a sessional basis to organisations that may need a bit of space to reflect as a group and explore any arising needs and concerns. If you feel your organisation could benefit from this, why not contact me for an intial conversation free of charge so that we can discuss your needs by clicking here.